tall tall

for if you want to be big and tall

be taller make more

Height Facts

A Recent study done by the University of Florida found that taller people make more money. They found for every inch of height there was $789 more a year in pay than their shorter collegues.

People choose taller people, over the past half-century in our Presidential elections we have chosen the taller candidate 10 out of 13 times.

A recent study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill found that for a male in the U.S. each additional inch of height is associated with a 2.5% gain in annual income; in Britain, each extra inch brings a gain of 2.7% anneal income. But the benifet of being shorter is not having to worry about causing so much ceiling and roof damage. i my self am a very tall man. i hit my head all the time and break through my roofing occasionally. that’s  when i search for roofing contractors to get Houston roof repair. take my advice or leave it. sometimes i like to add  two extra inchs to my height and be 6’9″ but not usually.600-00983734

here are some people who you would never of thought to give them self a boost.


Tom Cruise 5′ 7 ”

Robin Williams 5′ 7 ”

Dustin Hoffman 5 ‘ 6 ”

Al Pacino 5′ 5 1/2 ”

Seth Green 5 ‘ 4 ”

Dudley Moore 5 ‘ 2 1/2 ”

Danny DeVito 5 ‘ 0 ”


Drew Barrymore 5 ‘ 4 ”

Mena Suvari 5 ‘ 4 ”

Jodie Foster 5 ‘ 3 1/2 ”

Reese Witherspoon 5 ‘ 2 ”

Kristin Chenoweth 4 ‘ 11 “